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I’m just learning how to use this system, but my husband (the computer geek) thinks I can assimilate all of his knowledge and just start plucking away.  He fails to realize that I’m NOT READY!  I haven’t had any time to figure out anything and I don’t like how my site looks, but I need his assistance to correct this.  When I’m ready and comfortable with everything, and only then will I start.  Don’t Rush Me; I’m an ARTIST!  are u happy now, Darren?  I wrote something. 

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  • You seem to have figured it out just fine=-) Now all you need to do is find a theme you like, or get your husband (me) to change a theme to your liking. Still I think everyone should keep bothering you to post more entries! =-P (Though I am happy)

    1 virr said this (April 4, 2006 at 11:08 am)

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