Hosting a Baby Shower

On October 27th, 2007, I hosted a baby shower for my lil sister. The theme was Under-the-Sea. It was nice, but A LOT of Work! I was only supposed to be the host because her friend was in charge of party planning, but because of the friend’s work schedule and lack of experience planning I ended up doing much more. (actually, I did almost everything!)

It was a nice theme and the party went well, but next time I will be strict about the number of Invites. I don’t have the biggest livingroom and we had to squeeze in almost 40 people! We had some awesome games/activities and Great Food, but my favorite was the shower favor we gave to guests. It is a BOO-BOO Bunnie (ice pack), and is basically washcloth material shaped to look like a bunny that can hold an ice cube. It’s used for when you get hurt and need an icepack. See this website to get a better idea of what I’m describing:

boo boo bunnies



I’ll upload some pictures to the gallery, so you can see what the party was like.

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