Wow! Soo many changes…

My last post was the day after I miscarried a pregnancy.  I was deeply depressed, wanting to just curl up and hide in a hole….  That time seems so long ago now.

One thing about life is that it’s constantly changing and you’re never stuck in one state for long.  It’s hard to grasp that when in the midst of an event, especially if it’s extremely happy or sad, but everything keeps changing, moving.

Today I have a healthy 5 1/2 month old baby boy that the Lord blessed our lives with almost exactly one year to the date that I miscarried.  He took away my sorrow and added so much more joy to it.  It overflows now.  I know that I will keep both experience close to my heart because both joy and sorrow help shape who I am, and I would be a very “flat” person if I only choose to cherish the happy experiences, but I am also thankful for grace.  I’m glad my God walks with me in the sad times, helping to get past my trials, and then… shows his love and grace to me by blessing me with my heart’s desire.

Life is so busy now, filled with many baby duties.  I decided to stay home, so I’ve been slowly learning this new “job”  and transitioning to the next phase of my life.  I think by the time I have it down things will change once more.  But that’s how life is, right!

I don’t get much time for all the things I once did, and have pushed back a few goals (like starting my own business), but I’m trudging along.  Just don’t expect many posts here until I figure out how to cram a few more hours into the day.  ;P

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