Somewhere over the Rainbow bridge

Custard crossed the Rainbow bridge.  She was one of our pet chickens, and she passed away last night.  Darren found her this morning at the bottom of the stairs of the coop, body all stiff from rigor mortis.   We speculate that she died during the early night.  She was a little over 1 year old.  It was unexpected, but then, isn’t it usually?  We don’t know what the cause is, but some chickens just die young.  (I’ve read this fact from multiple, chicken-owning bloggers.)  It could have been health, or maybe she got scared-to-death.  She doesn’t look hurt, so we doubt she fell and broke her neck.  Whatever the reason, it’s still sad.  We’ll miss her curious, but shy way.  She was one of our white, Silkies, so now we have 4 chickens: two Easter Eggers, one, black Silkie Bantam, and one, white Silkie Bantam.

I’d post a cute, picture of her during her life, but my blog picture posting capability has been broken for almost 3 years.  The hubby was working on it, but one of the downsides of being married to a programmer is that when he gets home from work that’s the last thing he wants to do more of, so it usually falls to the bottom of the “honey-do” list.
The best I can do is link you to the chickens Facebook album, so you can see Custard with the flock.


R.I.P.  Sweet, Custard the chicken.  We thank you for your companionship, and for the daily eggs.  We will especially miss your super-long/over-sized eggs.  They were definitely a treat!  🙂

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  • I’m not the only one that put it at the bottom of the Honey-Do-List=-) I think the building a new backup server, planting the blueberries, staking the swing set, building picture shelves, putting sliding doors over the PS2 and Wii, painting the nursery, and many others got put higher up the list… Granted all those should have gone towards the top, but I wasn’t the only one to put them there!

    She will be missed.

    (edit from the blogger: Should note that I am not the one that moved the order of the items on the honey-do list. I would be better at task management. 😛 Also, note that this is over 3 years and that item is still at the bottom! Love you, honey. 🙂 )

    1 The husband said this (September 21, 2012 at 9:40 am)

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