Born to Heaven

About a month ago, on May 20th, 2013 I shared the following words on my Facebook page.
 I posted how I was feeling about the miscarriage of our baby at 14 weeks pregnant that happened on Thanksgiving day. 
May 20th was my EDD, and I was feeling the loss intensely that day. 
My words were just my feelings, not meant to be a poem,
but many remarked about their poetic quality.
I decided I would post them here also, just-in-case, by reading them
they might help another that is grieving the loss of their baby. 


Emotional Day.

My heart feels heavy with sadness today.
9 months have finally passed…but you are not here.

I held you once…so small – you fit perfectly in one hand, in your momma’s hand.
Heaven sent…and then to return 
Before we had a chance to say hello, good-byes were said instead.
I miss you so much today.

Every time I see a newborn baby, I’m reminded of all the late nights we won’t have trying to rock you to sleep.
No shushing your cries; no kisses to your forehead.

Time does dull the pain, but not how much I miss you.
The tears still flow when I think of you.
But… I know one day the sorrow will cease – on that day, in heaven’s light, we will meet & I will hug you tight. 

‘Till that day – I miss you.

Love, Mom



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